Thursday, March 26, 2015


Therapeutic are the melody's that often retrace
those lingering notes that selectively play 
Memories your mind can't seem to erase
a junkyard of the past you can't escape

Grateful dimensions impound broken dreams
where the heart and mind are on opposite teams
Hungry are the eyes that devour sentimental needs
as barbaric as the flesh that's swallowing me

Can you handle the tapestry your soul reflect's?
a reflection only the eyes can sketch
To forgive and forget is the ultimate test
and salvage the love, you have left.

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Exaggerate your existence within the loopholes
of a faceless nation
Only to appease the social class
an existence of wealth that never lasts
Effortless in the game of endangering souls
when your roads become cliffs
Screams that vow to silence the madness
when all your truths become myths
Debate the chains that strain the veins
when your heart can beat no faster
Stranded by chance your mask begins to crack
from those illusions of smiles, truth captures
Empty spaces create echoes of lasting clarity
etched in waves your mind devours
Fingertips embrace the need for desire
when the fruit of life begins to sour

Copyright (C)  Angel Campbell 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Shattered embers of the human race
the arms that protect
resemble broken shame
riddled by intolerance
it's a popular game
a tactical diversion
of what's really at 

Broken bruised yet beating hearts
decipher pieces of love
a dirty game with broken parts
resist the damage done
It's how much you give
and how much you take
that can make a soul go

No mold could vow to constrain this soul
focus on the flesh 
not materialistic holds
embrace the presence of your heart
before time lets go
Tomorrow can't promise
you'll still be here to

Crooked fairy tales expose the A-list team
avoid the eyes that cast lies
devised political scheme
the vote you cast divides
your views against me
behind closed doors sits a
crooked smile of

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


A midst the worlds most troubling times 
Inadequate resources dwindle with each lit sky
Crafty are the victors with greed in their eyes
Tampered are the simple souls who fear to flee or fight

Perishable riches shrink wrapped in years once told
View-able thru the grudges that society still holds
Endangered future can become or break this impervious mold
As corruption vows to redeem your soul

Super-sized this televised subscription to disaster
A marketing trend qualified to impose lies
of  "happily ever ever after"
Guarded by the notion that you can not impeach laughter 
Because in my eyes, your world of hate does not matter

Rigid philosophy disguised in a sympathetic speech
Laid out for society to digest as they please
High priced puppets on minimum wage strings
A world now accepting the creed of backstabbing beliefs

Copyright (C) 2014 Angel Campbell 

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Crouched into the
Desolate corners of humanity
Where flesh is percieved 
Wrong, and flashy apparel
Covers the animals
We really are

Drug unwillingly into
Socities conforming ways
Where money holds more 
Value than the soul
Beneath the vast 
Layers of tissue

Clenching the one heart
Who pushes you away
Where the truth is concluded
Only in the eye
Of the accuser

Swallowing flammable lies
Served by decietful friends
Where harmony to them
Is the blissful pain
Of another

Escaping into seclusion
Deep within a tormented mind
Where silence in itself
Can soothe, yet,
Drive a person
To madness

Sinking faster into
Life’s void of non-existence
Where my only friend
Is the voice within
My minds walls

By: Angel Campbell 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


between the lines that time designs 
stands tall a blueprint that's just your size
a sculptured still of an impervious soul 
cast in the flesh of your personal mold 

splintered memories recall those minutes
where no right or wrong made a difference
built on actions that designate your path
look both ways because life's effects can last

an equation built on the sands of times
a designated seat on a one-way ride
etched in the stained glass walls of reflections
where memories are made in a matter of seconds

golden are the opportunities that lead to chance
that sometimes fade and sometimes last
derailed are the layouts that never go as planned
dimensions as shaky as creations plan

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Erotic flavor
100 Proof
Visually stimulized
By your birthday suit

Restless fingers
Silent motion
Entwined in another's flesh
and pleasure's hosting

Vulnerable poison's 
Collide together
Stripped to the bone
For your viewing pleasure

Guided by lust
and your salty tongue
Who knew the pain
Could be so fun

Glorified perception
Your world inside mine
The smell that lingers
When your body grips mine

Soiled in sweat
Gripped by your moans
The flavor of ecstasy
In concentrated tones

Embraced tightly in this
naked web we've spun
It's a recipe for love
When two souls become one

Copyright (C) Angel Campbell